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Ink – Link Branding is a printing company that is based in Randburg, north of Johannesburg. We strive to bring the most out of the printing industry. As the founders of the company, we were striving to bring customer service to a whole new level, accompanied by competitive pricing. Starting a company like INK-LINK BRANDING, therefore, afforded us the opportunity to combine these two aspects together.

We are fully committed to our clients, as we strive to make all their printing problems our own and solve them as quickly and accurately as possible. We believe that our personal touch to approaching our business drives its overall success.

With corporate social involvement, our employees are encouraged to play a part as well on a rotational basis. Even if their involvement is on a smaller scale, it has to be with heart as it leaves a mark of integrity and excellence.


Let Ink Link Branding Introduce You To The New Age Of Design And Print.

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